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Sugar, babes?

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on September 11th, 2011

I am not a sweet person. In fact fresh warm bread with a thick crust, loads of butter and salt, that’s my weakness. But once in a while, the need sets in with a vengance.

It started with cupcakes. I longed for one, only one chocolate or vanilla, with thick, sugary, piped icing, almost as thick as the height of the cupcake. Plus lets not forget a shiney red glace cherry on top. I eventually found a single one and sneaked it into the house. I was not sharing! And then proceeded to ration myself to a nibble every hour. Heaven….

I thought the storm had passed. But I was wrong. The next day at art my friend had made a carrot cake. It was still warm from the oven, drenched in cream cheese icing which pooled on the top, and moated around the bottom. Soooo divine.

The craving continued so I decided to go health. This means Smarties, because they are smaller or Jelly Tots because the contain 0% fat. Well they tell you there is 0% fat and I am willing to buy that sales pitch. So in order not to eat them all I emptied out the packet and divided them into the various colour groups – 8 red, 5 green, 9 orange, etc. And then rounded them off to the average and ate the remainder. And put the rest back. But later they called me. I had to eat them. They were 0% fat! P.S Same technique can be applied to Jelly Tots or any other colour mini sweet.

I apply the same fuzzy logic to dark and milk chocolate. I mean we have all heard how dark is healthier than light; less fattening; good for your mental health, sex drive… So therefore it goes without saying that I can eat more dark chocolate than milk.

Which brings me to Sweetie Pies. In case you are not acquainted with this gem, they are boob shaped mounds of meringue covered in a layer of milk chocolate, all atop a biscuity base. Best eaten = bite off the top; lick out the meringue; devour chocolate and biscuity base. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhh.

Also a good fix is a jelly and peanut butter sanwhich, but ditch the bread. Just top a teaspoon of peanut butter with a teaspoon of jam and swallow! Same applies to Nutella.

And lastly the worst thing I can do when I need a sweet fix is buy a whole cake. Sometimes I freeze it after I have had a slice, but actually I have discovered that icy cake cuts better and tastes delicious. I have also thrown a cake away but then in sheer desperation retrieved from the bin. Not so hygienic but the upside is if you start throwing up there might be more space for cake!

But there is nothing to top the sheer yumminess of raw cake mix. The low calorie way of enjoying this is to make a cake for someone else – in theory. And the best part is you get to eat raw mix; lick it off the spoon, bowl and beaters!!!

Anyway enough for now. tomorrow I trun 41 and I cant say I feel excited. But lets hope someone gets me a beautiful, perfect, icing laden cupcake!!