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Back to Front

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on November 21st, 2011

I wont be the first or the last to say the world is back to front, but the following has been sitting with me and freaking me out -

Why do we spend more time and money on following the lives of Brangelina, Demi and Ashton and Jennifer Lopez, yet we probably spend less time and money trying to find a cure for AIDS?

We have not solved the problem of famine in Africa but we have invested millions in creating numerous varieties of eyelash lengthening mascara.

We have perfected and improved the use of botox and silicone implants to make our selves younger and sexier but we cant seem to bring the rape statistics down.

Our weather patterns are changing due to our selfish practises and disaster looms ahead but we would rather spend time and money on developing a a better ipad or newer cellphone.

Are we really any closer to a cure for cancer? Probably not but we will happily spend millions sponsoring some celebs wedding – see the Kardashians.

Everyday dolphins and whales are slaughter inhumanely; tigers and leopards are hunted for their skins and rhinos are brutalised for their horns, but we probably spend more time and money worrying about how we can get rid of stubborn stains in our washing.

We can not seem to stop the creation and distribution of child pornography but we will find the money to purchase a new cream to reduce our cellulite.

And we will invest time and millions in the latest fashion ranges, fashion magazines and fashion shows but we just cant seem to find those resources to find a cure for CFS!