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AD, and no it does not stand for Anno Domini

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on July 28th, 2010

AD refers to the period after diagnoses. But more of that later .

This charming picture is of me and my two Rottweiler puppies, Alaska and Akino. Looking back now I can see how ill I did look!!!

Anyway, on return from Mozambique I basically went to bed. I was unbelievably tired; nauseous; dizzy; short of breath; shaky; racing heart, etc. And so the endless blood tests began, from tick bite fever to tests for cancer; chest x’rays, urine tests, etc. And so to followed the list of numerous practitioners I saw = doctors, physicians, homeopaths, cranio-sacral therapists ………..  According to the majority of them I was fine – all major organs working, no cancer, no nothing! It really should have made me sigh with relief but it only made me more frustrated. I felt shocking and couldn’t function properly, how could I possibly be fine.

I think most of the medical experts, including my friends and family thought I was depressed. But I wasn’t , it was because I was feeling so awful and couldn’t do anything that I was feeling down. I was depressed because medical science didn’t have a cure. I was sad because I couldn’t go up Lions Head or even walk to the end of the block. And worse, I actually didn’t ‘look’ ill!!!

So more tomorrow as time to get a lie down.

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