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As good as it gets

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on September 18th, 2010

Wednesday was a shocker and on Thursday I woke feeling no better. I lay there bemoaning my fate and cursing CF. Plus I had to go to my job!@#$$%

I was thinking about looking at life with the ‘glass half full’ approach.

How do people with CF carry on?

How do they manage after 2, 5, 10 years or more, still believe that out there, somewhere is the cure, or that one day they will wake up and feel like there old selves?

Does CF only happen to people who have a positive outlook?

Though, as an aside there is medical proof that people with higher pain thresholds suffer with CF – check out From fatigued to fabulous.

I mean I constantly try new remedies, new doctors, new tests, truly believing that one of them will work. Yet I won’t paraglide for fear of falling and I won’t learn to scuba dive because I have a fear of open spaces. Clearly there is a paradox somewhere in me. Maybe CF creates a split personality? The one side is optimistic Annie, always believing that her illness will one day up and disappear; and that tomorrow will be a better day; and that THIS tablet WILL work. And there is the ‘half glass empty’ personality, pessimistic Pat. She cries a lot, imagining a life trapped in this hellish web; going days on end feeling ill with no glimmer of hope; believing that she hasn’t the strength to continue with this life.

And this all made me think of the movie “As good as it gets”. Here you meet three characters all suffering in a certain way. Initially they are almost repulsed by each other as each relationship that could be between these characters is fraught with problems. However in the end the ‘half glass full’ mentality rules the day and they learn to live with each other and there idiosyncrasies.

So is the lesson that we are 2 spilt personalities but in the end the best “man” wins????

Or that we should embrace our difference?

Or that we should fight and never give up, tirelessly searching for the cure?

I truly don’t know.

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