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Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on August 31st, 2010

After the most beautiful Sunday (this is the sunset from my balcony) with unseasonally fabulous weather, I awoke on Monday with a sore throat, ear ache and a very achy body. And truly felt as if I had expired! So on antibiotics, pain killers, decongestant, probiotics. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate medication and I am back on the stuff again.

Anyway on the ‘expired’ tack … I have noticed recently that due to the Recession shops seem to be selling expired goods.

Okay, I hear you wondering, “What has this got to do with chronic fatigue?” Sorry for you, its got NOTHING to do with Chronic fatigue. I am just tired of buying expired goods. Oh and I am generally ‘sick and tired too’.

Anyways I think that because people are buying less, shops are selling less and so hanging on to goods longer than they normally do. Which has resulted in a large number of items expiring and shops are conveniently not removing them from the shelves. I mean do you ever check expiry dates? I have recently bought a new and helluva expensive moisturiser and when i got home discovered it expires next month.  Now there is no way I will finish this stuff in a month but can I go back and return it? Probably not. But in previous years when I have bought this product (and we were not in a recession) it would expire at least a year down the line.

Two months ago I got a repeat on a prescription med. This expired the month which I bought it in! The chemist reassured me it would work just fine!!! I did not feel reassured by his reassurances!@#$$

Likewise when buying imported food, like salsa for instance, check the dates. Imported foods which are generally more costly than local products are obviously not being sold as they did in previous years. So now that salsa is sitting and often past its expiry date. The last bottle I bought had nice green fungus on the top and had expired in March.

Okay now that you are bored beyond belief … whilst i was googling the word ‘Expired’ I found some interesting links. Check out this ‘newish’ movie trailer, called Expired. I kid you not. Actually looks quite sweet.

And how about a website on expired parking tickets called The Expired Meter.

Or a website on “all that’s fit and unfit in the world of food…”, called Expired Foods.

And lastly and more alarmingly read the article on expired medicines in Gaza.

As all things in life there is a funny and serious side …

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