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Juggling Balls and Carrying Elephants

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on September 15th, 2010

This piece is dedicated to Zarla (check her blog on Carrying Elephants!). She is having a tough time and all of us who suffer from CFS know what that means. I think we all want to be ‘normal’ and have our old lives back. It such a distant memory and a bitter sweet one at that to. Today I feel like Zarla. The problem being the elephant is just lying on me – see her blog if totally confused. I feel overwhelmed with sadness. And if screaming really loudly helped I would.  This is not a life and no amount of saying otherwise will take that fact away. At best, which last a day, maybe two, you are at 50-60% . Whats that??????????? That’s like having a car and no petrol, or a house with no roof. USELESS.

Anyway I also discovered a new blog today called Happy Panda.  A very cool blog to and she refers to The Spoon Theory. Read this to get an idea of what CFS feels like, even though this article relates to Lupus.

And lets hope tomorrow shines on us, with new found optimism and increased energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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