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Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on August 26th, 2010

You would think that after suffering from CF for almost 2 years I would have learnt that you have to bank energy. What I mean for those who are not CF sufferers or are new to this thing, is that when you have a good day don’t go balls to the walls and use all that energy. You must quit when you are feeling GOOD and thereby stock up that excess petrol.

I guess its like gambling, quit while you are winning

Or like that sayings

“Save a penny for a rainy day”

“Quit whilst you are ahead”

Anyway yesterday was a superb sunny day and I got up early. Had good news as I have been accepted as a counsellor and the rest of the day was a blur of activity. Lunch with a friend, worked on my blog, walked the dogs, yoga. This is probably the most I have done in forever and I should have known better…

Today I couldn’t get out of bed. Cold weather, feel dizzy, nauseous, dragged my self to breakfast. Now on the couch with my cat, Black. Well she is also called Hat as she looks like a furry Russian hat when she is curled up or Stone-wash when she goes a grey-black colour.

But I digress. Please God tell me why I cant learn to say “When”. Why is there this insane , suicidal tendancy to just screw up all the good of the last weeks. Clearly my illuminated soul has not manifested itself yet.

Here’s me praying for divine intervention!

4 Responses to “LEARNING HOW TO SAY “WHEN””

  1. Susan says:

    I hope you’re feeling better today!! Looking forward to catching up next week, best you save up some energy for that :)

    Enjoy the weekend XXX

  2. nicci says:

    I think you are to hard on yourself, I think you are doing very well, just take every day at a time the good and the bad ones, eventually the bad ones will get less and less…. xx have a great day – mwah

  3. zarla says:

    I’ve been walking the daily path with ME/CFS for ten years now and I still haven’t got it right either. All I have learnt I think, is to be more relaxed about it. When I do too much I expect the payback and, I’m never wrong!

    I enjoyed your blog, and will put a link to it on mine if that’s ok with you. We need to keep blogging, talking and sharing about the challenges, and the good times too.

    take care

  4. amber says:

    Hi Zarla
    Wow, 10 years, god knows how you manage. Two years has freaked me out entirely!!!
    But glad to see you still have a sense of humour or developed it due to CFS.
    Love your blog and am typing this and reading it at the same time. Could this be a first for a CFS sufferer …multi-tasking!
    Chat soon, Amber

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