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Life imitates Art

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on October 28th, 2010

Whilst away recently I went to a Design Show in London. Which actually was more a platform to purchase really expensive art. You could pick up a Klimt, Picasso, Miro, etc for a steal … $ 400 000 for a pencil sketch by Klimt – which looked more like a piece of doodle that had been yanked out of a work book!!

Now I still would really like to own an original piece of art like that but it also got me thinking about how life imitates art. This means reality reflects what had previously been expressed in art. And if this was the case, what paintings reflected me and my life???????????

Lets start  with The Scream by Edvard Munch. Some days this is an expression of my life … tortured, howling in despair. All the colours hard and cruel. No answers seem at hand. I can only clutch myself and sob at the hopelessness of it all.

…and  then some days I am Soft Watches by Dali. CF has changed my concept of time. Firstly I no longer get up the same time. My mornings have moved out. I don’t seem to have as much time as I had before because I get tired so quickly so I have less time left in the day to do stuff. I also feel I have lost time from my life – the last 2 years to be exact! I feel like I am older than I am as CF seems to have aged me physically, mentally and spiritually. I also sleep when others are awake and this gives me a sense of being in another time zone.

And some days are like The Kiss by Klimt. All gold and glowing, full of comfort and warmth. I feel like I am being taken care of and everything will be alright. I feel like I could well wake up and CF will have vanished like a mist in the morning sunshine.

Then again some days are like a Jenny Saville painting. The are raw and red and resigned to there fate. The are the essence of reality … harsh and cruel sometimes. And like me with CF on a bad day, it seems as if all the air, the life, the fight has just been sucked out and I am a body on a autopsy table.

And then there are days when I manage to feel like Marilyn Monroe in Andy Warhol’s painting. All bright neon, sexy, alive and vibrant. Bursting with energy and vigour. And those are the pictures I wish everyday consisted of.

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