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Lions Head

Posted by amber | Portfolio | Posted on September 1st, 2010

The view from my balcony of Lions Head. I used to be able to climb this and run back donw! Those were the days.

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  1. julie says:

    Hello Amber,
    Thankyou for visiting my site today and leaving your comments, I shall look into the medication mentioned. Thats a wonderful view of Lions Head, whats the height of it and do you live in the vicinity of it. My husband and I used to do alot of mountain walking in England and Wales before the onset of my illness and dearly miss it. If you want to use any of the articles on my site to help spread the word then please drop me a line and we can swap URL’S or HTML banners if you have one. My husband is so envious of the animal photos, Tigers are his favourite Big cat, where was that one taken he asked me to ask you. Hope to speak soon.

  2. amber says:

    Morning. Well I live in Camps Bay Cape Town, Lions head on one side, Table Mountain on the other! You would love it here and generally it is warm too. Lion’s Head peaks at 669 metres (2,195 ft) above sea level. Thanks for allowing me to consider using your info, will definately see what I can do. The tiger shot was taken in Thailand. It was quite scary as we werent allowed to touch or make sudden moves. Afterward I thought it really was a silly idea as we could well have been a newspaper headline = silly South Africans gored by Thailand Tiger!!!!!. Have a super day, x Amber

  3. julie says:

    Amber, it sounds absolutley fabulous , we have also been to Thailand but didn’t have the oppurtunity to see any Tigers , I’M sure my husband would of loved to have his photo taken with the Tiger he adores them and loves watching any programes on tv to do with them. The highest peak we have climbed is Mt Snowden in Wales it’s 1085 metres my husband tells me,done it 13 times over the years,wants his ashes scattered up there bless him so he can look over all the walkers below. Anything you fancy just let me know and I will tell you how to do it if your not sure. It’s a lovely photo of you with the loepard as well was that in a Safari park or are you that lucky thats it your pet instead of a domestic cat or dog.
    Speak soon.

  4. amber says:

    Hi Julie. Well now that he wnats his ashes spread there you have a challenge!! The picture is of a cheetah, and our dog trainer actually trains them! So when I was feeling a bit better we went with her to this farm called Inverdoorn, about 2 hours plus drive from us. It was amazing. They purr so loudly and attacked my camera bag! Sadly the one died about 2 months ago. Have a super weekend. am not feeling great at the moment so I am hoping next week will look much brighter. I need to post an article (sometime soon) on a drug called Tripoline which has some good success stories. It might be worth looking at too. Ciao for now AMber

  5. Myles Segel says:

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