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Merry CFS and a Happy M.E.

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on December 20th, 2010

Christmas time is not for the faint hearted and definately not for those of us with CFS.

1. LATE NIGHTS – there are many of these at this time of the year and this does not suit the vertically challenged as we need our 8 hours.

2. ALCOHOL – i amĀ  not sure about you but I can not drink with out feeling truly gross the next day and Christmas and New Year is all about adding more punch to your punch.

3. HOT WEATHER – if you live in Cape Town as I do, this time of year is really hot and all I want to do is find a huge bath of ice and lie there. I do not do heat.

4. COLD – if you are however in the northern hemisphere and have CFS, cold, wet weather is no treat either. Actually I think I am more fortunate experiencing the hot.

5. TOURISTS – Cape Town in December = chaos. Too many people, too many bad drivers; very busy malls; very busy restaurants; packed beaches. All too much for those of us wanting quiet, calm, silence and nothing that is too bright or noisey.

6. SHOPPING – this just takes longer for CF’s . If you didnt start in October, you are so behind its best you start celebrating your Christmas around Valentines Day.

7. ACCIDENTS – this time of the year we have a massive increase in road deaths due to the fact that everyone is rushing to be on holiday; drinking too much and driving; or just generally shorter of temper. And requests for blood donations go up. But don’t you guys worry as this does not mean you … i have just read that CFS sufferers are not allowed to donate blood until more is known about the virus. Is this a plus????

So on the brighter side … what is good about Christmas…

I love having a Christmas Tree even though it is summer here.

I love receiving presents.

I love giving presents.

I love my moms trifle and her Xmas dinner.

I love that my brother and his girlfriend are here to celebrate with us this year.

I love that we get to drink more champagne and don’t need a reason.

I love dressing up.

I love opening presents on Xmas day as I have done for 40 years with my family!!!!!!!!!

I love that we are nearing the end of this year and that next has to be better.


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