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My Fair Lady

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on August 24th, 2010

My Fair Lady … do you know this classic musical?

Okay I am having a senior moment and you are wondering why on earth would anyone watch this crap!!! And willingly.

My point is that this classic tale is about a uncultured girl who is taught the rules and etiquette of a Lady by an elderly admirer and then she goes on to trick all and sundry. And believe it or not gets this fabulous educated well to do man and goes off into the sunset. Do I hear men all over the world squirming with anguish and all the gals sighing with the pure fantasy of it all…

Why I bring this up is a continuation of my post on euphemisms. Because My Fair Lady, Pretty Woman, etc are really just stories about skanky trailer park chicks, who meet a good looking dirty old man and are forever liberated from a life of sloth. I mean really when does this happen??? And when will we tell it like it is?

And TV is littered with these euphemistic shows:

  • Rock of Love
  • Tough Love
  • For the love of Ray J…

Now sadly because I have CF and a load of time on my hands I watch this inane crap!      Rock of Love is about an aging rock star with fake hair, fake tan and too tight leather pants who gets to pick from 12 plus pole dancing, alcoholic, tattooed, silicone enhanced ex hookers a permanent girlfriend. Who are they kidding. This show should be called Rock of Sex. And worse its in its 3rd season.     And then there’s Tough Love!  Here we have the expert host who is going to help 8 disaster chicks find a man. I mean these girls are scary and a bit of advice isn’t going to help them … maybe electro shock therapy?                  And finally For the love of Ray J . Ray J is quoted as saying “‘Ive been in this game a long time… I’ve been with a lot of women but I’m ready to get out. I want to do this show to find a ride or die chick, a chick that makes me want to get out of the game”. His real name is William Raymond Norwood. So not a cool star name. And his claim to fame is his sister, the singer Brandy. He gets to pick a life partner from a selection of girls. Clearly the first season didnt do it because its on its second. And quite honestly what male would ever pick a partner when he gets to try a whole new batch every season. And this genius also gets to rename each of the girls. So he renames them = Chardonnay, Hot Cocoa, Cocktail, Atomic Bomb, etc!!!

So why name these shows Tough Love, For the Love of Ray J or Rock of Love. Dont put everything in the veil of euphemisms. Be honest and tell it like it easy -

Crazy bitches looking to get hitched

Infamous singer looking to get laid            and

Famous singer looking to get laid by multiple hookers.

Anyway my tirade has side tracked me from the point I want to make again, Chronic Fatigue is a euphemism.

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