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One would never say …

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on January 9th, 2011

Its probably not PC to start the year with a gripe but what the hell ….  Its not like I have any New Years resolutions either…

Not sure of its a chronic fatigue phenomenon or I am just FORTUNATE but if I hear one more person say…

“One would never say you were ill”

“You look great. Are you feeling better?”

“You are really lucky that you don’t look sick”

“So are you back at work/gym?”

“… so you’re better now…”

NO, it does not make me feel good that I don’t look particularly ill.And I dont feel any better because I look ‘fine”.

It doesn’t make CFS any more fun, manageable, bearable that I am not crawling on all fours with a rash, vomiting and looking like I am on deaths door.

The fact that I can smile for a camera, does not mean I am FINE. It just means that I have had CFS for nearly 3 years now and so I manage myself . CFS is my lifestyle, and in order to function I know what I am capable of and fit my life around it.

I don’t go out when I am crying, depressed, tired, nauseous, shaky, miserable and looking like death. I stay at home.

So if I have ONE NEW YEARS RESOLUTION, it is that people stop saying how great I look and I stop getting god damn irritated about it.

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