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The Holiday In

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on October 21st, 2010

Well I am back from holidays, just a short trip and I have realised that CF and travelling are not mutually compatible. They can not co-exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its 2 years since I got the dreaded CF and it has taken me that long to have this eureka moment. I AM a slow learner !@#$$%^^&

When I am at home I spend most of the time on my own. Minimal noise, minimal interaction, minimal sights. I cook, read, watch TV, yoga and snuggle with my cat. All pretty much me, myself and I. If I go out, I drive to the location and spend a minimal amount of time there, eg shopping for food. Even when I am counselling its just me and the phone and the caller.

THEN you go overseas on holiday. Noise, lights, motion, people, energy, colour, texture, smells! I get totall sensory overload. Plus I am made even more aware of how little I can accomplish and how much the rest of the world is doing.  I actually did up my walking which was amazing but somewhere you pay. I spent one day totally in bed and all afternoons horizontal and crying. It is just really sad and scary that my life has amounted to this. And my poor husband has to spend half of the day entertaining himself, which makes me feel even worse.

So the kind of holiday that works for CF sufferers??????????????? I think a beach holiday is best. I get to lie in the sun and read or rest or tan and I don’t look like I am doing nothing because that’s want you’re meant to do at the beach. My husband can swim, snorkel, surf, exercise and this doesn’t limit his experience or fun.

Or go to the Holiday In, eg holiday at home

Or go to Romania, eg remain here

Either which way you have to balance the good with the bad and make the best of the moments you do have.

6 Responses to “The Holiday In”

  1. Susan says:

    I’m sure you will look back on your trip fondly. Travel is always exhausting, so I can only imagine how you felt. A beach holiday is definitely the answer!!

    Hope you’re doing OK otherwise and hope things are going well with the house.

    Susie X

  2. Hi there Amber,
    It sounds like you had a rough time. I discovered also that travelling and cfs don’t mix, but at least you did it!!!! At least we are having these experiences and i’m sure the recovery will come. I, like you, do absolutely everything i am advised to do by the experts and work diligently towards my recovery, however, maybe we should have a break now and again and just chill!!!!

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