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The Pain Super Highway

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on September 5th, 2010

I awoke this past Monday morning with a sore throat, ear ache, sore body and chest pain. I know I over did it a bit on Wednesday but I didn’t think this was the result. Diagnoses = tonsillitis, water on the ear; stay in bed at least till Thursday; anti-biotics; pain killers, etc. Plus I stopped my cortisone a week ago, which was working so well. The result = major headache and neck pain. I could have easily gouged out an eye or drilled a hole in my skull to end the pain!!!! Where did all this come from? Via the ‘Pain Super Highway’. Huh?????

My physio explained it to me as follows … Just over 2 years ago I slipped a disc in my neck (C5-C6) and this resulted in months of pain in the area of my neck and referred pain to my shoulder, arm, etc. When ones body has a particular injured area, a high traffic/pain area, ones body needs to accommodate this extra activity. So in order to properly heal the injured area it ‘builds’ a pain super highway to the specific location. This is necessary and obviously beneficial. But once one gets better your body doesn’t automatically reroute the traffic and make the highway smaller or close it. The result, pain experienced elsewhere still manifests in my neck/shoulder area. And now I have to go about speaking to my body (I literally mean “speak to my body) to teach it that my neck is better and other parts of my body need more attention. So basically just like when you want a road changed in your neighbourhood; a pedestrian crossing or speed bumps put in, you have to go to the authorities and speak to them. And not once or twice, but many, many times.

And this is where I find myself. Feeling crappy and talking to myself. Call in the medics this one is loosing the plot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Susan says:

    Shame man! Sorry to hear that things are going so badly for you. I hope that you find yourself feeling MUCH better as you face a new, exciting week! XXX

  2. julie says:

    Sorry to hear your are feeling so low today,cheer up i’m sure it will soon pass. I felt totally out of it yesterday due to a busy Saturday but today I’m feeling better, not great but better,look after yourself and take a look out of your window that should cheer you up.

  3. jim says:

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