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The SS

Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on October 3rd, 2010

Oh I hear you groaning … “Another World War II story and what had THIS got to do with CF!” Well I do sometimes feel like I am fighting a loosing battle so there is some thread of truth, but today is about Super Heroes.

Before I got CF I was Super Fit. This hero had special powers and besides being a happy and caring hero, I had other super powers. I could run, skip, swim, hike and box without tiring. Not a good super power for others but it made me happy. I could also do loads of other stuff straight after doing a run, swim, etc. I had boundless energy and I had the ability to work. And with this ability to work cam the ability to concentrate, function effectively, learn and remember. Again, not amazing abilities but none the less necessary. If I got injured or sick I healed quickly. And if I tired myself a goods nights rest was all I needed to be up and about the next day. I rarely got ill; never got anxious or depressed; and there never seemed to be enough hours in the day to fit all I wanted to do in.

Then I got CF and my super hero status changed. I became as welcome to myself and others as the SS. I became Super Slow, Super Slothly, Super Soggy, Super Stressed, Super Sad, Super Sleepy, Super Stupid. And as far as I am concerned those kind of powers are of no great use. I mean what kind of Super Hero is known for their powers of fatigue, anxiety, cellulite and the ability to fall ill at the drop of a hat??????? Who wants a Super Hero who cant help herself let alone others?!

The only similar anti hero I can find is Captain Klutz =

Ringo Fonebone was a hopelessly inept boy. He was utterly absorbed in reading comic books, to the point that he was kicked out of his parents’ house, as well as a vocational school he tried to attend and a flophouse (the last expulsion left him in nothing but a set of red long johns and dotted boxer shorts). He realized what a mess his life was, and as he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself, the towel he used as a rope broke. He fell to earth, inadvertently acquiring a mask (originally a woman’s hat being thrown out by her irate husband), and finally crash-landed in the middle of a robbery, in long-johns, with his “mask” and towel-”cape,” distracting the robber long enough for the police to capture him. The robber’s angry exclamation: “Why, you klutz!” was taken by the dazed (and temporarily amnesiac) Ringo as his name, and he responded to the officers’ questions regarding his identity with: “I’m…a klutz, captain.” The police thought he had said he was “Captain Klutz,” and the rest was history.

Well at least this guy was funny!

My question is what possible super powers do I have that have made becoming the anti-hero worthwhile????????

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