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Posted by amber | My Diary | Posted on November 9th, 2010

Well not so long ago I was feeling the best I have in 2 years! I had just been on a long walk (for me) along the beachfront in Camps Bay and Clifton. And then I sat down for a croissant and tea to watch the world pass by. Next a glorious afternoon in the sun, followed by another small walk and sun downers. It was the crowning glory to 10 or so magnificent days when CF was there but not THERE and my life had a semblance of normality.

And I see CF sufferers cringing … “You did to much!” “You didn’t bank the excess energy!”

Well that is probably so but needless to say it was like

a kick in the nuts

a headbutt

a smack to the back of the head

a blow to the solar plexus.

What I am saying is I didn’t take it like a man and I didn’t expect it at all!

Any way I went down hard. And proceeded to have the worst week in a VERY long time. I felt like I had done 5 rounds with Brock Lesnar during a UFC fight.

A time-out was declared. I was totally buggered. My body felt as if I had down 5 New York Marathons back to back with CF. And I am still paying. Yet again the lesson is hard learnt and having a time-out is no fun as I felt so horrific I could hardly eat let alone shower. Anyway I am hoping that things will improve rapidly and that some sense has been beaten into me????

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